Want To Earn Free Cash With Instant PayPal Withdrawls - Best GPT Sites (Tried and Tested)


Best GPT Sites is a website I've created myself and is based on my own past experiences with some of the best GTP sites I've found and used. If you are keen on websites where you complete offers for cash then this will be of great interest to you. By reading on, I will explain to you which are the best GTP sites out there and also, which ones are the best for earning cash straight in your PayPal account.

What is a GPT site?

A gpt site (the GPT stands for 'Get Paid To') is a free website where you can earn cash or rewards by completing simple online offers or surveys etc.
The problem is... there are a very large amount of these free websites and some of them are completely useless and badly designed, where as others offer much higher payouts and often have a lot more offers available due to the number of active users.

The various gpt sites you will see on this website are all completely legitimate websites that are 100% percent trusted and have all been personally tried and tested by myself to confirm that they are above board are more importantly good at earning you free cash

So which GPT sites should I sign up to?

My Top 3 GPT Sites For Earning Cash

- The first website I'd would sign up to would be www.points2shop.com

Points2shop is the first GPT website I had ever signed up with and since I have been a member I have currently earnt over $520.00 and recieved many free rewards from Amazon (a free 1TB HD, Super Street Fighter IV for my 3DS for free, a solid wood and glass coffee table, as well as many other things)

It is definately one of the best GPT websites I've used and I was lucky to have found this one when I did, so far no other sites I've used can compair with this in terms of the amount of offers available and the speed at which the offers approve, simply put - It's great. You can earn free cash into your PayPal account as well as earning free rewards from Amazon.com, just click the banner above to sign up now and get $2.50 for FREE!

Cash Wirthdrawls to PayPal made on this gpt site are only Instant once you have become 'Gold Honor Level' (Which can be gained quite quickly by completing offers).


- Another great GPT website is www.paidthefastest.com

PaidtheFastest is definately one of the best GPT sites if you are just wanting to earn extra cash in your PayPal account.
With the minimum payout only being $1.00 (which can be easily earnt in no time) you will soon be adding extra cash to your PayPal within the hour and the best part of this website is that the payments are instant, so the minute you cash out your funds it will be instantly added to your PayPal account!

The cash can be gained the same way as you do on most other gpt sites by completing offers, watching videos and signing up to free websites etc. 

Overall, this website is very good compaired with other gpt sites. The cashouts are very speedy (instantly) and the offers available are all quite easy to complete. The website also has many other good reasons to sign up such as weekly lottery jackpots, bonus spins and many other great ways to earn extra cash. Click the banner above to sign up now!

 - Another great GPT site for earning cash is www.SquishyCash.com

SquishyCash is a great way to earn extra cash in your PayPal account. The only reason that this is third on the list is simply because the minimum you can cashout is at £20.00

The upside to this is however is the fact that you get $5.00 dollars free just for signing up, so that only leaves you $15.00 to earn so you can cash it into you PayPal account. This isn't too hard to achieve but is a lot easier if you are from the US as there are many more offers available to complete.

Apart from the £20.00 minimum payout, this website is very good compaired with other gpt sites, its easy to use and the offers are simple and easy to complete. The $5.00 free bonus for signing up is great and really helps get things started. The website also has a system where you can have free spins on a slot machine for completeing offers where you could win up to £100.00 bonus! Click the banner above to sign up now!


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