So, you've signed up to one of the one of the three GPT sites I suggested and you've probably starting to complete some offers.

If you follow these few basic rules which can be used for any of the GPT sites I have mentioned, you will dramatically increase the chances of your offers being approved.

  • Clean your cookies after each offer you completed
  • Check your email after completing the offer to respond to any of the email confirmations
  • Complete every offer only once (exception: daily clicks or surveys or offers that have a retry function)
  • Make sure to also have your internet's browser set to allow all cookies/trust all cookies
  • Some offers are grouped by the advertiser, only complete 1 offer by each advertiser before creating a new email for new offers.
  • Try not to complete more than one offer with the same email for one advertising group, this often leads to the second offer not being credited. 

Best GPT Sites - Instant PayPal Cashouts